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5 Essentials For Off-Road Adventures

February 01, 2023
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Experience the adventure of off-roading at its finest with our collection of Ford accessories! No matter if you are taking your vehicle into dense woods, desert dunes or coarse sand beaches, our accessories are designed for virtually any terrain and last for your entire trip. Get more out of your vehicle by mixing and matching equipment that makes it easier and more enjoyable to go places. Be prepared with a hitch for towing, a cargo platform for extra equipment or a fog light to keep your adventure on track. Check out some of our favorite off-road products to make sure you are ready for your journey with Ford Accessories.

Off-Road Recovery Kit

While it’s easy to think of all the memories that will be made during your next off-road adventure, it’s important to have a plan in case your vehicle gets stuck. Common hazards such as mud, sand and snow can cause vehicles to become trapped by not allowing it to gain traction and continue moving. In these situations, it’s important to have tools that can assist you in continuing your excursion. The Ford Performance By WARN Off-Road Recovery Kit is the perfect addition to complement your off-road and overlanding adventures in any 4x4 vehicle. Included in the kit is a recovery strap-rated to 14,400 lbs. to assist in pulling your vehicle as well as size XL winching gloves and a WARN Industries D- shackle-rated to 18,000 lbs. The entire kit comes inside a storage bag for easy travel and packing. Power through the toughest terrain and make sure you don’t get stuck off-road without the essentials!

Battery Jump Start Pack

No matter how far you venture out into the wilderness, it’s important to have peace of mind that you’ll be able to make it back. Whether you’re planning on taking a long nature hike or taking your vehicle camping as part of your off-road excursion, you could be using your vehicle’s on-board power that will eventually drain its battery. The NOCO GB-70 Battery Jump Start Pack delivers 2,000-amps that will jump start a dead battery in seconds. Get up to 40 jump starts on a single charge so you can stay prepared every time you hit the trails. This portable lithium-ion battery pack also provides remote power with a 12V plug for tire pumps, inverters, phone chargers and more. Stuck with a dead battery after sundown? This product’s bright, 400 lumen LED flashlight features multiple modes, including SOS in case of emergency. Being prepared for a dead battery with a portable jump starter to get your car up and running could be the difference between a fun weekend getaway and a logistical recovery issue!

Steel Full Body Bash Plate 

Visiting uncharted territory or intense terrain can add a bit of damage to your car. The bottom of your vehicle is incredibly susceptible to off-road damage from rocks and other obstacles that you may come across. When driving gets rough, protect the bottom of your vehicle with a steel full body bash plate! If you’re planning on taking your 2021-2022 Bronco on your next off-road excursion, this Steel Full Body Bash Plate helps protect the bottom of your vehicle. For the serious off-roader, this bash plate’s rugged steel combined with a powder coating provides protection and corrosion resistance when the driving gets rough. While this model does require a Ford Performance Heavy-Duty Front Bumper, it is available to protect both 2-door and 4-door Bronco models. Keep your vehicle protected for continuous adventures!

Portable Fridge/Freezer

Make sure your body is fueled for your next adventure with the Ford Performance by ARB 47 QT Portable Single-Zone Fridge Freezer that can keep all of your favorite snacks and drinks at an enjoyable temperature! This on-the-go essential features front and rear DC inlets which provide users more freedom when mounting the fridge in their vehicle as well as recessed carry handles with integrated tie-down points for sturdy travel. There is also a front AC inlet for home or powered-site connection and a handy USB 5V outlet to charge USB powered devices such as mobile phones. Want to monitor your device wirelessly? This fridge freezer comes with Bluetooth connectivity that can be controlled by an app for ease of use. Enjoy your long weekend away off-road with a portable fridge/freezer that is perfect for a couple or small family!

Roof Rack

Whether you’re wanting to mount lights, fishing rods, canoes, skis, snowboards or cargo, adding a roof rack to your vehicle opens the door to many off-road enhancements. Roof rack systems are easy to install, lightweight and allow for even smaller cars to be able to haul more. Items such as luggage or extra camping gear can be stowed on top of your vehicle to relieve trunk space and bigger essentials like kayaks, canoes and bikes can be easily strapped down for travel to any destination. No matter what Ford vehicle you drive, you can enjoy extra storage with our wide variety of roof rack solutions!

Take The Road Less Traveled

With these essential off-road products in tow, you will be ready to make the most of all your adventures. Since the beginning in 1903, Ford has continued to be a pivotal leader in the automobile industry while exemplifying care for the vehicles we make. This passion extends into protecting and amplifying our vehicles with a multitude of accessories. Our catalog of accessories for all of our vehicles are engineered to fit your model and will set you up for success for any journey ahead. Ready to take the road less traveled? Explore our range of accessories and purchase your favorite off-road essentials!

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