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5 Unique Ways to Use Your Truck Bed

March 14, 2023
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Though the average truck owner may primarily use their truck bed for transporting cargo or equipment, there are many additional uses to help you make the most of your F-150®, Ranger®, Super Duty®, Maverick®, or Lightning®. From the backyard to the job site or campsite, with the right available Ford Accessories and equipment, your truck bed becomes more than just a storage space. Here are a few unique ways to use your truck bed that go beyond simply transporting cargo. 

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The Best Seats in the House Are in Your Bed

Everybody loves a fun twist on their date night or family traditions and one of our favorites is movie night from the bed of your parked truck! Whether you are parked at a drive-in movie theater or projecting your favorite film onto the side of your house, you can transform the bed of your truck into a tailgate oasis with just a few simple materials. The easiest and most versatile way to make this happen is by grabbing your pillows, blankets, and anything cozy you can find and lining the inside of your truck bed. For bonus snack and blanket storage, install a decked drawer system into your truck bed and set up your movie night!

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Tailgate Like a Professional

Tailgating is an absolute necessity during football season or before your kids’ soccer games, but prepping for it can be a bit of a hassle. Between folding tables that need to be transported and the food that needs to be prepared, there’s a lot that goes into hosting your ultimate tailgate. Make the most of your built-in resources by using your truck bed as an extension of your tailgating space. Use the truck's tailgate as your serving table to save space (and limit the number of tables you need to transport). If you want to extend your cooking prep space, install a truck bed slide and use it as a built-in table!

Set Up a Campsite From Your Truck

There’s nothing better than packing up your family, your dog, and your hiking boots and heading out for a weekend in the woods. Camping is a summer tradition that’s a non-negotiable activity for some families and your truck bed might be more useful than you originally thought! Even better, what if you could use your truck instead of a traditional tent? With a truck bed tent, you can utilize your cargo area as additional sleeping space that is elevated from possible insects and critters that may make their way into your tent. If you aren’t worried about sleeping on the ground, you can eliminate the need to unpack the back of your truck as it will be easily accessible right from your sleeping area.

Vehicle shown with optional equipment


Expand Your Workspace

A truck is an essential tool for many people’s jobs, especially those working on construction sites. The large bed space makes it easy for trucks to transport tools and materials to and from their workplace. With a few simple organizational tools and equipment, the bed of your truck can become an even more valuable extension of your workspace. For example, many truck drivers can’t make use of the space around the wheel well because of the inconvenient spacing, but a ​​pivot storage box can provide a secure compartment for tools and other gear to make the most of that area. To create additional storage space in your F-150 specifically, you can install a multi-height aluminum rack for ladders and other bulky equipment.

Reign in The RV

Is a cross-country road trip on your to-do list this year? To make a long journey with family and friends comfortable, traveling with an RV or camper is a must. Fortunately for Super Duty owners, towing an RV, trailer or camper couldn’t be easier with a 5th wheel tow hitch! To set up your 5th Wheel Hitch, you’ll need a 5th Wheel Gooseneck Hitch Prep Package. This package includes inner and outer frame L-brackets, under bed hitch crossmember, bed mount 7-pin wire harness, a trim kit, and more required hardware to support all of your towing needs. 

Take The Road Less Traveled

With the right Ford Accessories, the possibilities for ways you can use your truck bed are limitless. Our extensive collection of available accessories is engineered to fit any truck model so you can be set up for success wherever you go. Plus, by purchasing genuine Ford Accessories, you can ask a specialist at your local dealer to help you install your truck bed accessories. Are you ready to make the most of your truck bed? Explore our range of accessories and purchase your favorite truck bed essentials today!
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