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5 Ways To Weatherproof Your Vehicle

February 01, 2023
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If you’ve lived in your current area for a while, chances are you know your local seasons pretty well. However, if you recently moved, unexpected weather damage can cause unforeseen problems. Despite knowing of rain or shine, all types of weather can cause damage to your vehicle. From a wet and muddy interior from a surprise rainfall; to sun-damaged exterior parts and accessories losing their illustrious sheen in the summer, read on to discover the top 5 ways to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape in all kinds of weather!

Install Splash Guards

From the sunny west coast to the snow-trodden midwest, every road has dirt and debris that cause damage to the body of your vehicle. Without splash guards, rocks and sharp road debris can kick up while driving, creating a hazard to the beautiful paint on your car. Cold weather states suffer doubly, as ice and snow also get kicked up while driving, causing potential problems to both the sides and lower body panels of your vehicle. Installing splash guards that fit the make and model of your specific Ford helps protect your vehicle year-round.

Keep a Battery Jump Start Pack on Hand

Electric cars aren’t the only vehicles powered by a battery! Your Ford has an internal battery located under the hood that powers all the technology and allows you to start your engine before every journey. Since everything relies on that battery, it’s more important than ever to keep it in tip-top shape.

Like all car parts, batteries will run their course, but both winter and summer activities can create less-than-ideal situations for your car’s battery! Cold weather is rough on your vehicle’s battery due to dropping temperatures making the battery work harder to start your car in the winter. Furthermore, car batteries produce less electrical power when it’s cold out.

If you spend the summer months traveling or visiting family away from your Ford, a sitting battery in an unused vehicle can cause it to go flat. Here’s why: Under regular driving and use, your vehicle’s alternator charges your battery while driving. If your car sits undriven for an extended time, it hurts your battery. Around the two-week mark, a car battery can go completely flat, causing you to be unable to start your vehicle, and you may have to replace your car’s battery entirely.

For both weather situations, keep a battery jump start pack on hand to get your Ford vehicle’s battery ready after not being in use or enduring a heavy winter. This will help ensure your vehicle’s battery is always prepared for your next adventure!

Utilize All-Weather Floor Mats 

While it is obvious that the exterior of your car is impacted by seasonal weather changes, the interior can be affected just as much. Luckily, nothing can protect it better from the horrors of the seasonal grime that grace (or disgrace!) the bottom of your shoes than all-weather floor mats. In warmer-weather states, everyday grime can stain the carpet of your Ford vehicle. In places where there’s less rain or snow, dirt and dust can track into your vehicle from your shoes, depositing them right into the carpet of your Ford vehicle. For the surprise rainfall, monsoon seasons, or states with snow and sludge, durable floor mats provide a robust way to trap snow, road salt, water, mud and dust, helping protect the original carpet. Best of all, Ford all-weather floor mats are engineered to fit your vehicle, ensuring the best fit possible.

Use a Vehicle Storage Cover

No matter the season, the sun’s UV rays will always beam down on us, causing warmth, vitality and irreparable sun damage to the exterior of your vehicle. Think of your Ford vehicle’s plastics and painted surfaces just like your skin! UV damage year-round, no matter your location, can cause dark plastics and shiny paint to fade and discolor. Even worse, plastic components both inside and outside your vehicle can become brittle in the sun, causing them to weaken and even break after everyday use. To best protect your Ford from the unrelenting sun, consider a full vehicle storage cover! Just like our last tip, getting your storage cover from Ford ensures the best fit possible for your vehicle, increasing its protection, value, and undeniable style.

Keep an Eye on Your Windshield Wipers

Lastly, when discussing the effects of the sun’s rays on your vehicle, it’s important to remember that your vehicle’s windshield wipers are also susceptible to wear-and-tear and sun damage. If you are not protecting your vehicle with a cover, be sure to check on your windshield wipers for cracks or tears after the summer months. A quick check can keep you ready to go as the rain pours, helping ensure a clear field of vision when driving in the rain. If you’re unsure of what signs to look for when looking for damage, you can always ask a helpful Ford advisor at your local dealer!

Prepare For the Elements

Inspired to get a head start on weatherproofing your Ford? Prepare yourself thoroughly for any season and be ready for whatever nature brings by using the power and safety of Ford vehicles’ trusted accessories to combat anything mother nature throws at you. Ford has everything you need to protect your vehicle regardless of rain or shine. Weatherproof your car today with our wide selection of parts and accessories!

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