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8 Best Overlanding Accessories for Your Ford

February 01, 2023
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Looking for a different type of adventure this fall? Get inspired and test your limits by embarking on an overlanding trip! Overlanding is the journey of traveling to unmarked and remote areas to engage in the travel experience rather than reach a specific destination. Overlanding journeys last anywhere from a few days to years, depending on how far you plan on going, how equipped you are, and how long you would like your experience to last. Choosing gear and equipment for your adventure is very important and may be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. To make your decisions easier, we’ve put together a list of must-have Ford overland accessories, as well as some additional products you may need as you go. 

Rooftop Tent

Rather than sleeping on the ground, certain overland truck accessories, like rooftop tents, allow you to experience an elevated sleeping experience. A rooftop tent provides scenic views and a different way to approach camping on your overlanding adventure. Getting you off the ground, rooftop tents provide airflow through the tent, allowing for a more comfortable night's sleep. They also allow you to be elevated away from the dirt and pesky critters. Rooftop tents are an essential overlanding accessory that provides convenience, safety, comfort, and ease of setup. 

Air Compressor

Since overlanding journeys involve rugged, off-road terrain, it’s important to monitor your vehicle's PSI levels while driving. Airing down your tires is an essential component of off-road adventures since having less air in your tires increases traction or surface grip on rocky terrain. Our ARB Ford Performance Portable Air Compressor Kit is the perfect air compressor for your overlanding adventure because it’s lightweight and made with high-grade durable materials for continuous use. The motor within the kit is also thermally protected from extreme temperatures, allowing you to travel through the desert heat or the cold tundras. Keep an air compressor on hand to ensure your tires are at optimal levels for safe travels on your overlanding travels.   

Winch Kit

With overlanding excursions typically consisting of venturing through ditches, mud, or even broken roads, the possibility of vehicles getting stuck persists. Luckily, the Ford Performance by WARN® Winch Kit allows for your vehicle to be pulled out of sticky situations via a winch recovery. The winch is attached to a vehicle’s front bumper so it can be pulled out by a rope, chain, or cable that is attached to another vehicle. Our winch kits are designed to assist you in virtually any situation you may come across on your overlanding journey. See important vehicle and installation requirements and warnings.

Off-Road Recovery Kit

Similar to having a first aid kit handy for any injuries that happen along your overland trek, it is important to be prepared to get your Ford out of any less-than-ideal circumstances with an off-road recovery kit. With heavy-duty gear like gloves, shackles, and ropes, you will be prepared to recover your vehicle from virtually any situation. Our Ford Performance by WARN Off-Road Recovery Kit also comes with a carrying case to keep all the tools together for when you might need them again. Whether overlanding through mud, sand, or snow, recovery gear is going to be essential to help get you unstuck and continue on your journey. 

Roof Rack

Installing a roof rack on your vehicle opens a world of options for daily drivers and overlanders alike with the equipment they can bring along on their travels. A roof rack typically consists of a base and a set of bars that are secured to the top of your vehicle. It allows for oversized items that couldn’t typically fit in your vehicle to join you on your adventure. Items like cargo boxes, kayaks, bicycles, and even skis all fit wonderfully on roof racks and help clear up space in your vehicle for smaller items. Take the gear you didn’t think was possible to bring on your overlanding journey using a roof rack!


Cargo Box

Depending on your vehicle and the duration of your overlanding trip, you may be tight on space with all of the equipment you are bringing, especially if you are traveling with someone. In these situations, using a cargo box may be the best solution for your storage needs. A cargo box is a container that is secured to the top of your vehicle while you are traveling. It allows overlanders to store anything they don’t need immediate access to while on the road and gives the driver a better view of the rearview mirror without the trunk space packed to the brim. Not only do these sturdy, weather-proof boxes provide reliable storage, but they are easy to install and are compatible with a multitude of Ford vehicles that have a roof rack!

Storage Boxes & Decked Drawer Systems

It’s important to keep your tools or other essential items organized and safe during your overlanding adventure. As easy as it is to throw your tools into the back of your vehicle, this space will eventually become cluttered and disorganized. Storage boxes and security drawers are two ways to easily organize your essentials while helping keep gear from sliding around. A pivot storage box is a swinging container positioned in either the back, right, or left of your truck bed, providing up to 1.5 cubic feet of lockable, secure storage and allowing for more space during your travels when you tuck it into the side of the bed.


Drawer Systems are a similar concept to a storage box, but with added capacity. As one of our best overlanding truck accessories, drawers allow gear storage with more compartments and additional space. As the ideal way to organize your gear before, during, and after your overlanding journey, these drawers are a traveler’s best friend. Not only do they keep everything organized, but they keep your gear protected. Security drawers also keep your tools safe by cutting off the view of what is inside for peace of mind when unattended. 

Soft-Sided Cooler

Whether your overlanding journey is for a quick weekend or a whole year, it’s important to keep food and drinks on hand to sustain your travels. Luckily, a soft-sided cooler helps keep your consumables at optimal temperature when you want to consume them. Our soft-sided cooler bag’s durable fabric sides allow it to bend and be flexible to fit larger amounts of food. The interior is made of an aluminum film for easy cleanup and water-resistant capabilities. Keep your favorite food and drink on hand on your next overlanding trip without compromising storage space!

Other Must-Have Overlanding Gear

Looking for other gear and accessories to add to your overland vehicle? You can never be too prepared when embarking on your off-road journey, so check out our list for other must-have overland accessories:


GPS System

While the purpose of an overlanding journey is to explore roads less traveled, it is essential to keep the safety and well-being of both you and your vehicle in mind. If you happen to get lost or off track, a GPS is a life-saving piece of gear for your travels. Most GPS systems are easily installed into your vehicle for ease of location tracking with or without reception. 


Fire Equipment 

In case of the unlikely event of a fire within your vehicle, you should have tools on hand to quickly extinguish flames so that your car isn’t destroyed in the process. One of the most essential tools that you should pack is either a fire suppressor or a fire extinguisher to get rid of any possible or persistent flames promptly.


Lift Jack

The ability to lift and level your Ford off the ground is essential when you need to maneuver underneath your vehicle or check your tires. It also helps you level your truck on uneven terrain which you’ll appreciate when sleeping in your rooftop tent! A lifting jack is a tool that allows you to raise your car and keep it suspended while you work on it. After you are done and ready to hit the road again, easily lower it back to the ground and proceed on your overlanding adventure.

Additionally, if you need space to bring your high-lift jack with you and are traveling in a Bronco or Bronco Sport, our Yakima Cargo Platform High Lift Jack Mounting Kit offers a heavy-duty bracket to secure a lift jack on your roof cargo platform. 



While it may seem obvious, flashlights are often overlooked as an important piece of overlanding gear. This potential life-saving tool allows you to see farther than your campfire or the stars will allow you to see, assisting when looking for something or signaling to someone for help. Remember to keep your flashlight charged or an extra set of batteries in your gear just in case of emergencies! 



If your tires get stuck and can’t gain traction on the terrain it’s currently in, it would be handy to have a shovel with you on your overlanding excursion. A shovel aids in removing objects around your tires, alleviating pressure on them and allowing them to escape. Shovels break up tough dirt, rocks, mud, and even ice to keep you moving along on your adventure. 

Venture Off The Beaten Path 

Get equipped for the overlanding adventure ahead of you with the power and safety of trusted Ford accessories! From safety necessities to luxuries that make your overlanding trek more enjoyable, we have the essentials that you need for your entire trip. Gear up for your next off-road excursion today with our vast selection of overlanding accessories!

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