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8 Must-Have Ford F-150 Accessories

February 01, 2023
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Since its inception in 1948, the Ford F-150 has positioned itself as one of the most popular vehicles of all time. This tough, lightweight, full-size truck generally has a 1,000-pound payload capacity, allowing utility in a variety of settings. What makes the F-150 stand out among other truck options is its ability to be customized and set up for different daily uses. F-150 owners have the option to put in seat covers for muddy excursions or install truck bed lights for late-night driving and off-roading. This truck takes your work and recreational activities to the next level with its ability to accessorize according to your needs. 

    Selecting which customizable accessories to add to your vehicle can be very exciting, but with so many options for the F-150, it can be difficult to choose. Prioritizing your individual needs and how you primarily use your pickup truck can help make your decision easier. 


    All-Weather Floor Mats

    While it can be fun to dirty up the outside of your vehicle, it’s important to keep the inside as clean as possible. Using floor mats is just one option to keep your car's interior looking clean. Floor mats are intended to keep the carpeted areas of your vehicle's floors clean, and when you get a Ford floor mat, it is designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. All-weather floor mats prevent substances like dirt, grease, and even moisture from sinking in and damaging the carpet. Floor mats can be installed and removed as needed for ease of cleaning. 


    Seat Covers

    Similar to floor mats, seat covers are designed to keep your interior clean, one seat at a time! Whether you’re on a road trip, going off-roading, or just on your daily commute, you may encounter situations that cause you to get wet, muddy, or even sandy. Vehicle interiors can be expensive, so they should be protected from any outdoor elements that get brought in. Seat covers catch all these materials and substances, preventing them from soaking into your seats. They are also simple to remove and machine wash at home for easy cleaning. 


    Tonneau Cover

    A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that protects both your pickup truck and the belongings in your truck bed from weather and everyday use. They cover the entire bed to ensure no rain, dust or snow enters. Tonneau covers also help keep cargo protected and out of sight.


    Pivot Storage Box (R/L)

    It’s typical for drivers to store their tools or other important supplies in the back of their truck bed. However, this can leave your necessary items scattered and disorganized, especially if your pickup truck hits a bump in the road or is traveling at a high speed. Keep tools and other gear in one secured place by using a truck bed storage box. Our storage box fits between the wheel well and the back of your bed and pivots, allowing more access to the rest of your bed. This easy-to-install storage box is made of high-impact plastic for durable and weather-resistant protection for any project or adventure. 


    Bed Extenders

    While the F-150 typically offers more than enough space to haul whatever you may need, some items are just too long to fit in the bed. Bed extenders allow truck beds to carry longer objects like kayaks, lumber, ladders, and other work materials. Smaller tools and objects like hammers or backpacks fit easily in the bed space, but these unique, large items need extra space to be taken from place to place. Just open the pickup truck’s tailgate and place the bed extender on top to add 18 inches of space to your bed! This forms an enclosure that allows for longer items that extend past the bed to be transported easily and securely.  


    Tow Hooks

    Before you head out on your next off-roading adventure, be sure to add a pair of steel tow hooks to the front of your vehicle. Our tow hooks help with vehicle recovery while adding to the modern look of your vehicle with a bold, red color design!


    Cargo Net

    Are you transporting smaller or lightweight items? Make sure they stay in place with a cargo net! These nets are designed to prevent items from shifting, spilling, or sliding around the bed of your truck. Cargo nets are easy to install, allowing for ease of usage and providing a sturdy, form-fitting hold on your gear. Additionally, our cargo nets are made to withstand different weather, so no matter rain, snow, or shine, your cargo net is going to stay durable and ready to go. 


    Truck Bed Lights

    It can be difficult to see into your truck bed at night or when using a tonneau cover, and using a flashlight can be difficult when trying to grab items out of the bed. To solve visibility problems, we recommend using an illumination kit for all your nighttime lighting needs. These LED light pods to provide bright, long-lasting coverage of your bed so you can work all through the night if needed. For added conveniences, these lights come with a simple set-up system that does not require drilling and has an on/off button inside the truck bed for easy use. Looking to add the  illumination kit to your Ford F-150? Check out our options below:

    Additional F-150 Accessories

    No matter the activity, your F-150 accessories can play a major part in making sure your truck is operating at its maximum capacity  – and this list is just the beginning! Since everyone needs their F-150 for different tasks and prioritizes different features, your must-have list may differ from someone else’s. If these accessories aren’t revving your engine, we put together a list of additional F-150 accessories that may be more useful for you.

    • First Aid Kit - Keep a first aid kit in your F-150 to ensure you have items like bandages, topicals, and even medication on hand for emergencies when a medical facility is far away. 
    • Cross Bars - Attaching cross bars to the bed of your truck helps maximize your cargo organization and load capacity. 
    • Bedrug Mat - Protect the bed of your truck from cracking and breaking with a heavy-duty bedrug mat. 
    • Loading Ramp - Haul large objects on and off your pickup truck with ease by using a loading ramp. 
    • Warning Strobes - Make your truck more visible with strobe lights that make your truck seen at night and can alert motorists to proceed with caution while your crew is working.


    Stay Moving With Your F-150

    Ready to customize your F-150 with new accessories? Trusted Ford accessory products allow you to stay ready for whatever adventure awaits by adding features to your vehicle with the power and expertise of Ford. Pair your durable floor mats and seat covers together for a day out in the mud, or securely carry your tools and transport large items to be equipped for a tough day on the job. Set out on your next adventure today with our wide selection of Ford F-150 accessories! 

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