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Best Ford Ranger Accessories

February 01, 2023
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The Ford Ranger is the ultimate mid-size pickup and serves as an ideal companion for any outdoor adventure. With 2-door and 4-door options, the Ford Ranger is a versatile workhorse designed to pull heavy loads, conquer tough terrain and provide excellent comfort with ample space. Although not the biggest truck in the Ford vehicle lineup, the Ranger is still fully capable of handling whatever you need with a 7,500lb towing capacity, when equipped with the available Trailer Tow package, and a multitude of add-on accessory options available. The Ranger came back into production in North America in 2019 and has been a pivotal staple of the Ford brand ever since. Check out this guide to the best Ford Ranger accessories you can add to your truck to increase performance and make it your own. 

Are you looking to add something new to your Ranger? Dive into the list below: 


Tonneau Cover

Keep your essentials and other gear protected by adding a tonneau cover to your Ranger. A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that shields the bed of your Ranger from the elements. We offer a variety of tonneau cover styles for your pickup truck, from folding retractable to hard plastic, and even painted to match the color of your vehicle’s body paint. These covers help keep your essentials hidden and out of sight. 

Side Window Air Deflectors

Let fresh air into your car with side window air deflectors! These easy-to-install, plastic deflectors conveniently attach to your windows with self-stick adhesive, so you can spend more time out on the road. Deflectors keep out snow or rain so you can crack open your windows and get some fresh air when experiencing inclement weather.


Bed Slide

Tired of climbing into your truck bed to reach items that shifted during travel? By installing a bed slide, you can turn the bed of your truck into an easy-access drawer that slides to load and unload your gear for less lifting. Our bed slide product comes with D-ring tie-downs and guard rails to allow for easy organization and secure hauling. It is also made from heavy-duty and weather-resistant material to handle the job you need in virtually all kinds of weather.


Bed Liner

Keep your Ranger’s truck bed clean and protected with a bed liner! Depending on your choice of material, this product provides easy clean-up when hauling messy materials. Our bed liners come in three distinct formats for the ultimate customization. Carpeted bed liners provide a cushion. Bed mats made of spill-resistant rubber allow for easy clean-up and traction. Bed trays are plastic inserts that help protect your truck bed from the elements. Protect the bed of your Ford Ranger by using one of our bed liner, mat, or tray products!


Roof Rack

Finding space to pack everything you (and your travel party) need for a road trip is often a difficult task, even with the added storage of a truck bed. Additionally, larger items like kayaks and bicycles may not fit in the bed of your Ranger, especially if it’s covered. Adding a roof rack to the top of your vehicle not only lets you bring these oversized items along on your trip but also gives you extra room in your truck bed for other items. Make the most of your Ranger adventures with a roof rack and the plethora of additional accessories that can attach to it!


Step Bars

Depending on tire size and how high your Ranger is off the ground, it can be challenging to get in and out of. Step bars are a convenient solution for easier access in and out of your vehicle. They can also aid in preventing damage from rocks when off-roading, while instantly upgrading the look of your truck with sleek, high-quality finishes.

Off-Road Air Snorkel

Before off-roading in your vehicle, it is important to ensure your Ranger is in good shape and prepared for anything it may encounter along the way. Whether you’re planning on water fording or blasting through dusty terrains, our off-road air snorkel helps protect your engine during your adventure. The air snorkel delivers clean air to your engine from a higher source and helps protect it from collecting dust and debris. This allows for your engine to run smoother, lowering your maintenance needs between trips. 

EcoBoost Power Pack Performance Calibration

Maximize your Ford Ranger’s potential with EcoBoost Power Pack Calibration. Designed to elevate your engine’s performance, this power pack adds on 45 horsepower and a torque gain of 60 lb.-ft to your ride. Better yet, our calibration is Ford Performance engineered and dyno tested, giving you improved drivability and throttle response that you can count on.

Tow Hooks

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your Ranger. As a recovery plan for off-roading mishaps, add tow hooks to the front of your vehicle to ensure a superior tow. Additionally, our tow hooks are available in both red and blue to add even more personalization to your driving experience!

Additional Ranger Accessories

Are you looking for more specific additions to your Ranger’s appearance and outdoor functionality? We’ve put together a list of more of the best accessories for the Ford Ranger that let you further personalize your truck.

  • Sports Bar - Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with a sports bar. We also offer branded options so you can represent your Ranger in style!
  • Bed Extender - Increase the space in your bed by using a bed extender. With this accessory, you can haul extra or longer items that would normally go past your tailgate.  
  • Truck Bed Tent - Taking your Ranger on a camping excursion? Bring a truck bed tent to camp in the comfort of your Ranger truck bed.
  • Ranger Tremor Running Boards - Facilitate the exiting and entering of your Ranger with specialized off-road running boards. With a sleek matte black finish, these running boards elevate both the style and utility of your ride. 

Built For Adventure

Ready to customize your Ranger and improve its performance with a variety of different accessories? Trusted Ford vehicle accessory products allow you to personalize your vehicle with features that add functionality with the power and expertise of Ford. Pair a roof rack and off-road air snorkel together for a successful off-roading adventure, or install your tonneau cover and bed slide for a worry-free day on the job. Equip your Ranger to best suit your needs today with our wide selection of Ford Ranger accessories! 

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