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Different Types of Bike Racks

March 31, 2023
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Whether you’re packing your bike for a weekend cycle ride along the beach or prepping for days of intense mountain biking with your friends, your bike needs to be loaded up for transportation. With more than five different types of bike racks made for the exact specifications of your Ford vehicle, it’s tough to decide which one you will need. 

When deciding on a bike rack, prioritize which capabilities are most important to your individual needs. For example, you may need a mount that allows for multiple bikes or one that’s relatively easy to load and unload. There are several types of bike racks for securing your bike including hitch bike racks, roof-mounted bike racks, spare tire mount racks, interior racks, and truck bed bike racks. We’ve put together a list of each type of rack so you can take a deep dive into which option is best for you.


Hitch Mount Bike Racks

Available Ford Accessories and optional equipment shown.

Hitch-mounted bike racks slide onto a standard trailer hitch receiver. They are known for offering efficient loading and unloading, making them the ideal choice for people who frequently transport bikes. Additionally, these racks come in two types of structures to support different types of bikes for your specific needs: platform and hanging bike racks. 

Hitch-Mounted Tilting Bike Racks

Hitch-mounted tilting bike racks support your bike by the wheels rather than suspending it by the frame. The adjustable wheel and frame clamps help secure your bicycle while the StrongArm hook design protects paint and carbon frames by securing bikes at the wheels. Since this hitch mount is connected to the tail end of your vehicle rather than the top or trunk, it is relatively easy to load and unload your bike.


  • Holds between one and four bikes
  • StrongArm hook design secures bike at the wheels, protecting paint and carbon frames
  • Tilts down with bikes loaded which allows for easy rear-of-vehicle access
  • Control lever tilts the rack away from the vehicle and folds flat for storage


Hitch-Mounted Swing Bike Racks

Unlike tilted bike racks, hitch-mounted swing bike racks carry bikes by their frames, meaning the cycle is suspended by the top crossbar. While these types of racks are suitable for a few different styles of bikes, they typically are designed for standard-frame, adult-size bikes. That said, adapter bars are available to help level additional varieties of bicycles by clamping onto the seat post and head tubes.


  • Holds between two and four bikes
  • Due to being suspended on the rack, pressure is removed from the tires
  • Fully padded arms and adjustable cradles provide superior bike protection
  • Swings away with bikes loaded for easy rear-of-vehicle access


Roof Mount Racks

Roof-mount bike racks are an excellent choice for bikers who are hauling additional equipment in their vehicle, have a big family, or have limited trunk space. They tend to be a cost-friendly option for those with a crossbar on their cars' roof because they only require an additional clip. Although you might need an extra set of hands to help you, the roof-mount bike rack is an excellent option.


  • Holds a variety of gear, such as kayaks, skis, snowboards, and cargo boxes
  • Frees up space in the vehicle and allows for access to the bike at any time
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-install option for vehicles that already have a roof crossbar


Rack Mounted Lockable Bicycle Carrier

Available Ford Accessories and optional equipment shown

Our newest premium upright bike mount product fits various bikes with quick and easy loading. If you have a roof rack kit or bed rack and cross bars already installed on your vehicle, this premium lockable bicycle carrier is an extremely secure option for transporting your bike. The carrier secures the bike by the wheels for ultimate protection over rugged terrain. It fits 26- to 29-inch wheels and tires from 23mm to 4.0 with no adjustments or wheel removal needed! 


  • No contact between the frame and your vehicle 
  • The low-profile design minimizes rear door interference


Interior Bike Racks

For the biking enthusiast with a Ford Bronco Sport and its spacious interior, it makes sense that you would want to fully use your space. The Yakima Interior Bike Carrier stores up to two bikes inside of your Bronco Sport by simply removing the front wheel and attaching the front forks to the crossbar that secures it in place.


  • Interior bike racks can be a cost-effective way to transport your bike compared to other options
  • This type of rack is easy to mount in your vehicle and is lightweight
  • Carries up to two bikes inside the cargo area


Tailgate Bike Carrier

Tailgate bike carriers are a perfect option for bike enthusiasts who also own a truck. Truck beds provide the extra space and security you need to successfully haul your bike to wherever your adventures take you. Tailgate carriers allow for the bike to rest on the tailgate of your bed while protecting both the bike and the truck’s tailgate. If you are transporting multiple bikes from one spot to another, a tailgate truck bed bike rack is an ideal choice.


  • Quick mounting and unmounting so that you can get out on the trail 
  • Flexible padding protects the truck’s tailgate
  • Depending on your choice of a tailgate carrier, it may be able to carry over five bikes


Let Your Rubber Meet the Road

Now that you have considered your specific needs, know all about your bike rack options, and have weighed the benefits of each, you’re ready to choose the type that’s right for your journey and let your rubber meet the road on your future adventures. Prepare for your next biking excursion by bringing the power and safety of trusted Ford accessories along on your trip. Whether you are heading off to a major cycling race or simply packing up your bikes for an upcoming camping trip, Ford has useful accessories for a smooth and stress-free ride. Plan for your next bike trip with our expansive selection of bike racks and carriers today!
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