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Family Road Trip Tips

March 14, 2023
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With so many amazing places to explore throughout the country, the chance to see something new is just a car ride away. Although road trips may be a more practical option than booking a flight and navigating an airport, spending hours in the car with your family is a commitment that involves a lot of coordinating, especially when children are along for the ride. However, road trips offer valuable family time and a chance to see places on the way to your destination that you would not be able to enjoy from the air. With a little preparation, the right packing list, and an equipped vehicle, you will become a family road trip pro in no time!

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Getting Ready For Your Trip

Before embarking on your family road trip, several preparations need to be made. First things first, ensure your vehicle has a full tank of gas to ensure you can get as far as possible on the first stretch of your trip. Doing your due diligence by mapping out fuel stops and bathroom breaks will ensure quick travel time and less frequent stops. Another important step to take before hitting the road is to have music or podcasts prepared. Take this time to listen to your favorite music, listen to an audiobook, or learn something new! Prepared playlists of your favorite songs and podcasts will prevent phone usage while driving and encourage more time to look at the scenery around you. 

What To Have On Hand

Once you’re ready to hit the road, it is important to ensure you have the items on hand that you and your passengers need while traveling. From entertainment to food and safety essentials, we’ve put together a list to get you started:

  • Electronic Devices - With the popularity of mobile technology, there will likely need to be electronics like gaming devices, tablets, or movie players on board for entertainment purposes. Don’t forget car chargers and adapters to ensure that devices stay powered for the whole road trip!
  • Cleaning Supplies - For on-the-go sanitization, it is important to have hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes on hand. These products not only help to clean hands when traditional washing isn’t an option but can prevent spills from becoming permanent souvenirs of your trip.
  • Snacks and Drinks - One of the most effective ways to avoid car ride meltdowns is by having easy-to-consume snacks and drinks within arm’s reach. Depending on the preferences of your family, those may consist of individually packaged crackers, fruit snacks, or pre-cut fruit and cheese. Drinks like juice boxes and bottled water are also effective for mess-free enjoyment. 
  • First Aid Safety Kit - In case of minor injuries both on your journey and after you reach your destination, having a first aid kit handy provides you with the necessary supplies for care. Our first aid safety kit contains supplies in a compact, fire-retardant case that's the perfect fit for nearly any vehicle.
  • Physical Map - It never hurts to have a physical map with you as a backup for your mobile device or in-vehicle navigation system. Maps can be picked up at local gas stations or ordered online and easily fit in your vehicle’s glove box for old-fashioned wayfinding that helps navigate an unfamiliar area.

Preparing Your Vehicle

In addition to your family’s necessities, it’s just as important to have your vehicle prepared for your travels. It can be overwhelming when preparing your vehicle for a trip, but our available accessories make it easier and can even give you more room for luggage or other cargo. Here are a few of our favorite available Ford Accessories to ensure your vehicle is fully equipped for your upcoming trip:

  • All-Weather Floor Mats - Swapping your carpet mats for all-weather, rubber floor mats are a great way to keep your interior clean and repel spills that may occur on your road trip.
  • Cargo Box - Looking for a little extra room for luggage or supplies? Utilize the space on the top or in the bed of your vehicle with our cargo boxes and baskets that are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Bicycle Rack - If you’re planning on continuing the adventure once you reach your destination by bringing your family’s bikes along, our bike racks are made for multiple bikes and fit the exact specifications of your Ford. 
  • Remote Starter - Keep all your passengers comfortable by setting up a remote starter for your vehicle to get your AC or heat running before you even get in the car. 
  • Folding Cargo Organizer - Compartmentalize the items in your trunk with a soft-sided organizer! Our organizers are available in different sizes to suit your needs and are laminated for water repellency and mildew resistance.
  • Battery Jump Start Pack - Help make sure you get to and from your destination by having a battery jump-start kit on hand! 
  • Soft-Sided Cooler Bag - This ideal companion for getaways will keep your snacks fresh and organized in your vehicle.  

Staying Organized From Start To Finish

While getting organized and packing beforehand can assist in setting your trip up for success, it’s even more important to stay organized throughout your trip. As people use items, eat snacks, and get in and out of the vehicle at stops along the way, it can be easy for things to become misplaced or messy. Taking time to reset the areas in your car periodically can help ensure nothing gets too out of hand. Additionally, you could create organization systems for certain items to keep them separated throughout your trip. Compartmentalizing similar items into one section of your car may be helpful. For instance, keep all your first aid and cleaning supplies together in one place. This will be separate from both the food and drinks and other items like jumper cables or car maintenance equipment. It is also important not to overpack your vehicle and only bring what your family will need.


Making Miles of Memories

Ready to pack up and pile everyone in the car for a family road trip? Prepare yourself thoroughly and stay ready for everyone’s needs by bringing the power and safety of available Ford accessories on your next adventure. Whether traveling a few miles or a thousand, Ford has the essential equipment and tips you need for your entire journey. Set out on an unforgettable family adventure today with our wide selection of road trip accessories!

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