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Must-Have Vehicle Accessories For Summer

March 31, 2023
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With summer in full swing, it’s time to hit the road for the summer vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Beaches, mountains, and forests all make exceptional destinations when looking for a summer trip. No matter where you’re going or what Ford vehicle you drive, staying prepared with all the necessary accessories can keep you comfortable and ready for the road ahead. From seasonal activities to gear that helps cool your car down in the summer heat, we’ve put together all the accessories you need for a sweet summer!

Summertime Essentials

Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply cruising around town, it’s important to have all the tools for an exceptional driving experience. Although the summer weather and sunshine make for an enjoyable drive, Ford offers a variety of accessories to make your summer adventures even more blissful. If you are looking for some gadgets to entertain passengers, keep your car organized or add a little fun to your next summer drive, these are the accessories you should explore.

  • Portable Mini Fridge Freezer - Looking to take a long summer trip? Don’t forget your favorite fresh snacks! Our Portable Mini Fridge Freezer provides a compact way to keep your goods cool and ready to consume. The lightweight design combined with a carrying strap makes it easy to take this fridge freezer on the go. The fridge also has a 14-quart LED illuminated compartment for optimal storage and visibility into the fridge/freezer at any time of day. 
  • Bike Rack - Take your favorite bicycle along on your summer drives by installing a bike rack on your vehicle. Our bike racks’ stable frames hold onto the bicycle during transportation. We offer many different styles of bike racks from roof-top to hitch-mounted tilting and swing carriers that are made to fit your Ford vehicle!
  • In-Vehicle Entertainment - Keep your backseat passengers entertained no matter how long the journey is with Voxx Portable Rear Seat Entertainment! This tablet-style entertainment system offers hours of fun while traveling with the ability to watch movies, play games, and even share content between screens. The tablet can also be taken out of the dock for a hands-on experience, but fits your headrest when installed.

Keep It Cool

As much as we try to escape the summer heat by staying in the shade or spending time in the air conditioning, your vehicle doesn’t have such luxuries. Your car’s interior can get scorched by the sun, causing metal and dark materials to become extra warm. Getting into an extremely hot car can also be extremely uncomfortable, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite accessories to make your summer safer, cooler, and more enjoyable! 

  • Sunscreen - Raising a shade on the inside of your windshield is a quick and simple way to lower the temperature inside your car when it is parked. It can also aid in protecting your vehicle’s interior from fading from UV rays. Our sunshade options are made to fit specific Ford models, so your windshield remains perfectly covered every time.

  • Cargo Shade - Whether you’re making a grocery run, going shopping, or having the car packed up for a road trip, cargo shades provide coverage for wandering eyes, so passersby will simply see a flat, solid area.

  • Side Window Sun Shade - Since certain vehicles have more window surface area than others, the sun can oftentimes sneak into your eyes through your side windows. Depending on positioning, sun visors may not provide adequate protection for your eyes, so a side window sun shade helps dim harsh sunlight from entering your car. This cooling option can be used both while parked and while driving!

Soak Up The Sun

Ready to hit the road this summer? Ensure your next adventure is as power- and safety-packed as possible with trusted Ford accessories. From exterior vehicle additions to electronics and performance parts, Ford has a wide selection of accessories to help you enjoy your drives this summer!

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