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Our Best Snowboard Racks

March 14, 2023
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With winter comes the peak months for snowboarding! Snowboarding fiends carefully plan their adventures, gather their friends, and pack their bags for the perfect day on the slopes. Unfortunately, with a jam-packed adventure often comes the trouble of enough space and organization in your vehicle. With all of the necessary gear, passengers, suitcases, and of course, snacks for the road, your snowboarding journey can quickly become a hassle without the extra room. Not to mention, who wants to risk damaging their expensive snow gear before you even get to your destination?

To make your day at the slopes as comfortable as possible, your packing space needs to be extended to the outside of your vehicle. That’s right: you need snowboard vehicle racks for all of your winter endeavors. From roof racks to hitch-mounted carriers and even cargo boxes, Ford car rack options can support all of your snowboarding gear and essentials. 

Ready to take your road trip to the next level? Keep reading for the best snowboard racks for your vehicle!

What to Consider

Before you settle on your favorite roof rack, be sure to consider a few crucial factors of your snowboarding gear and vehicle.

Number of Snowboards

First off, how many friends are joining your travels? The number of snowboards and the amount of gear is a huge determinant in finding the best snowboard rack for your vehicle. While some snowboard racks hold more boards than others, it is important to take into consideration how many snowboards you need for your adventures. To avoid having to pack extra gear in your trunk, a full-sized snowboard rack that fits several boards may be best for your needs. As they say, the more the merrier!

Height Restrictions 

Next, it is important to think about the accessibility and location of your snowboarding destination. If there are parking garages or tunneled access points, consider the height restrictions for entrance. To decipher whether a roof rack would meet these requirements, check the measurements of your vehicle and add the additional height of your gear. Luckily, our snowboard roof racks are flat-top carriers, but in the case that a snowboard rack extends beyond height restrictions, a hitch-mounted carrier may be the best car rack for snowboards and gear.     

Mounting Location

Although more common, roof carriers are not always the best snowboard rack for everyone. Mounting your snowboard to a roof rack can quickly become a hassle depending on your physical build and the existing height of your vehicle. If you think the height of a roof rack could present an issue for your journeys, opt for a hitch-mounted snowboard rack to ensure easy access from the back of your vehicle. 

Type of Vehicle

Before adding a sleek roof rack to your shopping cart, make sure it’s designed to fit your vehicle. We wish there was a universal mounting system for all of our snowboarding needs, but most snowboard car racks are engineered for different vehicle models. Fortunately, our snowboard roof racks and hitch mount racks can fit multiple different Ford models and vehicles. 


Snowboard Roof Racks

To free up space in your vehicle and help prevent gear from scratching your interior, a snowboard roof rack is an extremely beneficial option for your next trip to the slopes. 

Topping our list as the best snowboard roof rack of the season, the Thule Ski & Snowboard Flat Top Carrier is the perfect full-sized carrier for holding up to four snowboards. With soft rubber arms, this roof rack will ensure you reign the slopes. Not only does this rack protect your gear on the road, but it also comes with a lock system for securing both your gear to the carrier and the carrier to your vehicle. This means you can explore every rest stop and tourist nook knowing your boards are protected and secure. Even better, this roof rack also features oversized push buttons to make opening and closing easier with gloves. That’s right: the days of on & off gloves are over and bare fingers are a thing of the past! 

This roof rack is compatible with multiple Ford models, including:

  • Ford Bronco Sport® 2021-2022
  • Ford Bronco® 2021-2022
  • Ford Ecosport® 2018-2022
  • Ford Edge® 2007-2022
  • Ford Escape® 2008-2022
  • Ford Expedition® 2006-2022
  • Ford Explorer® 2011-2022
  • Ford F-150® 2015-2023
  • Ford Maverick® 2022-2023
  • Ford Ranger® 2019-2023
  • Ford Super Duty® 2017-2022
  • Ford Transit Connect® 2013-2022
  • Lincoln Aviator® 2020-2023
  • Lincoln Corsair® 2020-2022
  • Lincoln Nautilus® 2019-2022
  • Lincoln Navigator® 2007-2022

When you’re ready to conquer the slopes, the Thule Ski & Snowboard Flat Top Carrier is here to support your journey. 


Ski & Snowboard Carrier For Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Shown with optional equipment and available Ford accessories


For those who are unable to easily access the roof of their vehicle, a hitch-mounted carrier may be the best ski and snowboard rack for your Ford. Transform your bike carrier into a ski and snowboard carrier. Carry your bikes in the summer and snowboards in the winter! As a great option for Ford models and vehicles, the Thule Ski & Snowboard Carrier is perfect for any skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Similar to the roof-mounted carrier mentioned above, this hitch-mounted rack holds up to four snowboards, features oversized buttons, and is designed with soft rubber arms to prevent any scratches on your vehicle. 

This hitch-mounted rack is compatible with most Ford models equipped with a trailer hitch, including:

  • Ford Bronco Sport 2021-2022
  • Ford Edge 2007-2022
  • Ford Escape 2008-2022
  • Ford Expedition 2006-2022
  • Ford Explorer 2007-2022
  • Ford F-150 2015-2023
  • Ford Flex 2009-2019
  • Ford Maverick 2022-2023
  • Ford Ranger 2019-2023
  • Ford Sport Trac 2007-2010
  • Ford Super Duty 2022
  • Ford Transit Connect 2014-2022
  • Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023
  • Lincoln Corsair 2020-2022
  • Lincoln MKC 2015-2019
  • Lincoln MKT 2010-2019
  • Lincoln MKX 2007-2018
  • Lincoln Nautilus 2019-2022
  • Lincoln Navigator 2007-2022

Hassle doesn’t need to accompany your snowboarding adventures. Check out the hitch-mounted Thule Ski & Snowboard Carrier to make packing your vehicle a breeze! 


Cargo Carriers

Another great option for protecting and securing your snowboards is a rooftop cargo box. With the help of a cargo carrier, you can protect your snowboards and gear from snow, debris, and other types of weather on the road. Before purchasing a cargo box, be sure your snowboard’s length can fit inside! Fortunately, many cargo boxes offered by Ford are at least six feet long, meaning most snowboards will easily fit inside. 


FAQs About Snowboard Racks

The snow is calling your name! Before you’re ready to make a decision and snag your newest snowboard rack, let us answer a few questions you might have.

Are All Snowboard Racks Universal?

Although many modern snowboard racks can adequately fit several vehicles, not all snowboard roof racks will fit every vehicle. Since each vehicle has a unique roof design, vehicle-specific snowboard roof racks are recommended, and commonly required. Luckily, we’ve tested our Ford Accessories products to ensure that they work with your Ford vehicle!

Can you put skis on a snowboard rack?

Fortunately, many of our snowboard carrier options are fit for snowboards and skis. The Yakima ski and snowboard hitch-mounted carrier converter is even capable of holding up to six pairs of skis! So go ahead and bring your fellow skiers along for the ride too.

What racks hold the most snowboards?

Large snowboard racks are capable of holding the most snowboards on the roof or back of your vehicle. Similar to other brands, our Yakima rack is capable of holding 4 snowboards on Ford vehicles. 


Get Outdoors With Ford

Vehicle racks aren’t only meant for lovers of snow! If you’re a biking fanatic or crazy for canoes, Ford has an endless variety of car racks to facilitate your outdoor adventures. Ready to strap up your kayak for your next adventure? Visit our latest blog to learn how to transport a canoe and other essentials.

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