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Overlanding 101

February 01, 2023
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Over the last few years, people have been craving new adventures at an increasing rate. More people are looking for ways to explore, get away and discover the world around them. Traveling is most commonly done by plane, train, boat or even your own vehicle and it is typical for travelers to have a set destination for their travels. However, rather than these traditional ways of exploring, a different style of travel called overlanding is gaining fast popularity. But what is overlanding and how can you experience it for yourself?


What is Overlanding?

Overlanding, originating in Australia, consists of traveling to remote destinations where the primary goal is the journey. Unlike off-roading or road trips to destinations such as Yosemite and the Pacific Coast Highway, the objective of overlanding is the remote expedition itself. True overlanding requires taking an off-grid journey into the unknown and requires a sense of adventure, survival instincts and a passion for discovery. Depending on your timeline, overlanding journeys can last from days to even years! While overlanding seems like an exciting way of travel, it isn’t always easy for beginners. We’ve put together a helpful guide to set you (and your vehicle) up for success if you choose overlanding for your next getaway.


Overlanding Tips & Tricks

Before beginning your overland journey it’s important to remember these tips for a successful trip.

Do Your Research

Before beginning your journey, be sure to research any questions and concerns you may have about overlanding. Double check that you are adequately supplied, prepared and your vehicle is personalized with everything you need. 

Organize & Plan

Living out of your vehicle for multiple days (if not months) on end requires an extensive packing list. Take the time to plan out and organize your vehicle for an efficient journey. Making a checklist and finding your favorite way to organize can be helpful in keeping your space organized and ready to go.

Bring A Buddy

As exciting as a solo trip may sound, it’s always better to have a travel partner. With another person, you’re ensuring safety by having backup support if you encounter any sort of tricky situation on your travels. Additionally, a companion can help keep you motivated, entertained and serve as an alternate driver if you need to rest.

Know Car Maintenance 

Although this may seem obvious, knowing the ins and outs of how your vehicle works is going to save you in many different situations. Practice changing your tires or replace spark plugs, wires and fluids to get an understanding of what might need to be done throughout your journey. Remember to bring the necessary tools to keep your vehicle running for any possible emergency!

Enjoy Long Vehicle Travel

While last, but certainly not least, it is extremely important to make sure you really love and want to embark on this type of journey. Overlanding requires serious dedication to time spent behind the wheel, so make sure you account for the time it takes to drive back out of wherever you choose to venture into. But if you enjoy spending time in your vehicle and are passionate about the outdoors, overlanding may be the perfect experience for you!

Essential Gear

If you’ve made the decision to plan an overlanding journey, there are a few products you should have on hand for a safe, protected and more enjoyable adventure. 



Rooftop Or Truck Bed Camping Tent

If you’re planning on sleeping in the bed or on the roof of your vehicle, a tent is likely necessary. With a safe and reliable tent that is fitted to your vehicle, you have the ability to camp anywhere, for however long you need. Tents also allow for extra storage areas to be used during your travels. Explore our selection of rooftop and truck bed tents for easy dreaming in your Ford vehicle!



Under Body Lights

It’s important to have full visibility of your surroundings while overlanding. Whether moving along on your travels or camping out for the night, strategically placed lighting will aid you in any part of your adventure. If you’re lucky enough to be overlanding with a Ford, using the Rigid Off-Road Under Body Light Kit available in both amber and white lighting is the ideal solution to lighting your path and conquering night crawling. These lights can easily be attached to your wheel well or other locations to illuminate trails and difficult terrain.



Recovery Boards

Getting out of terrain like mud, sand and snow can be tricky when your vehicle gets stuck. This typically happens because the tires do not have enough traction to move the terrain being driven on, but recovery boards offer a simple solution if you have them on hand. Our Off-Road Pair of Recovery Boards offer deep cleats for maximum grip on uneven terrain and the large hand holds allow for ease of use. You will quickly have improved traction for your tires so you can escape and continue on your way!



Recovery Kit

Having a set of tools that can aid you in the recovery of a vehicle stuck in the mud, sand or snow can be the difference between a stressful situation and just another bump in the road. The Ford Performance By Warn Off-Road Heavy Duty Recovery Kit provides all the essentials to help you out of sticky situations during your overland trip. The kit includes recovery straps, a tree trunk protector, D-shackles, snatch block and winching gloves to ensure you’re prepared for anything. 



Battery Jump Start Pack

Don’t get stalled on your overlanding expedition by your car not turning on! Having a battery jump start on hand helps you get back on the road without the need for roadside assistance. We offer a variety of battery jump start packs, so you can find what will perfectly suit your ride and the journey ahead of you.

Hit The Road

Ready to embark on your own overlanding journey? Prepare yourself thoroughly and be ready for whatever happens by bringing the power and safety of trusted Ford accessories on your next adventure. Whether traveling in the desert or tundras, Ford has everything you need for your entire journey. Set out on your next adventure today with our wide selection of overlanding accessories!

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