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Tailgating Essentials

February 01, 2023
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Tailgating is one of the only pre-game traditions that excites every spirited sports fan. There’s no better feeling than arriving early on game day, getting ready to rally behind your favorite team, firing up your trusty grill, and tossing bags with your friends. However, before you pull up to the tailgate, there are a few key things you’ll want to have on hand to make sure your tailgate party is nothing short of amazing. From keeping your party well-shaded to ensuring your food (salsa and guac) is kept fresh, read on to see our top tailgating essentials!

Be Prepared for Rain or Shine

Sports teams come ready to play rain or shine, and die-hard fans will show up to support them regardless of the weather. If you’re planning on tailgating outside before a game, you’ll want to make sure you’re shaded from direct sunlight’s sweltering heat and covered from a potential downpour. 

The simple solution is to add an awning to your Ford to ensure you don’t miss out on a second of the pre-game festivities. Our awning products mount to your base rack and can be pitched with ease - just pull it out, prop it up and settle in!

Keep Your Fixings Fresh

If you’re planning on spending an entire day in the parking lot of a stadium to cheer on your favorite team, you’ll need to plan for a meal or two. While the casual chips and dips are always a hit, nothing beats a freshly grilled burger with all of the fixings. But if you plan on grilling up fresh food, you’ll need somewhere to store your ingredients to keep them from going bad in the sun. 

Our portable fridge freezer is the perfect size for your group to prepare for a full day of snacking, with its front and rear DC inlets allowing for versatile installation. It features an 18-quart, LED-illuminated compartment, and an electronic thermostat. Though you may not need it for every game day celebration, having a portable fridge allows you the luxury of cold refreshments and food on a warm summer day!

Mount Your Trailer Hitch and Grill

As you know, the key to a perfect tailgate is the ability to turn any parking spot into your grilling pit. Unlike your casual picnic, simple snack foods just don’t quite cut it. You need a meal that will tie you over so you don’t have to step away during game time to grab a snack. That’s why you need to get a grill you can lug along with you and all of the necessary equipment to transport it to and from the game. 

By equipping your Ford vehicle with a trailer hitch, you can transport your grill with relative ease knowing it will be secured for the entire journey. If your barbeque grill has a tow hitch extension, it can attach directly to your vehicle! Regardless, securing access to a grill is a necessity for the ultimate tailgate meal.

Pump Up The Jams

If you’re tailgating in a Bronco, you can turn your parking spot into a dance club with our unique sound bars for both 2-door and 4-door Bronco models. With a high-performance sound bar, your audio experience will be instantly elevated to the next level. Not only are these audio devices capable of handling 100w per channel, but they’re also waterproof and splashproof with an IPX6 rating, meaning you can rock on rain or shine.

Stay Cool And Hydrated

Our flexible, padded, and insulated cooler bag keeps your refreshments cool on a hot sunny day or allows your hot soup to stay warm for chillier game days!

Tackle Game Day With Confidence

Ready to root for your favorite team? Prepare for a day full of fun, festivities, and food by bringing the power and safety of trusted Ford vehicle accessories to create the ultimate tailgate. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite professional team from the sidelines or simply kicking off your kid’s little league tournament with a bang, Ford has everything you need for a suitable tailgating party. Plan your next game-day adventure with our wide selection of tailgating essentials today!

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