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Vehicle Camping Packing List

March 31, 2023
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Did you know that most campgrounds in state and national parks allow vehicle access to campsites? This is the perfect opportunity for camping with your vehicle! While many think this type of camping involves sleeping in your vehicle, it actually refers to any camping location that doesn’t require hiking or narrow trails and you can drive your car to. These scenarios are great for both new and experienced campers since your vehicle becomes your landing zone and central hub for extra supplies, gear, and shelter if needed. This emphasizes the importance of outfitting your vehicle to be prepared for camping excursions so you are equipped with items you need for an enjoyable outing. And since you don’t have to carry the gear to your campsite, you can bring luxuries that would otherwise be too heavy or bulky. We’ve put together a packing list to make sure you have everything you need for your next vehicle camping adventure! 

Available Ford Accessories are shown.

Tent & Sleeping Bags

With any camping excursion, you will need a place to rest your head after a full day of adventure. Luckily, when you have your vehicle with you, there are more options than traditional camping. Regardless, you should always have sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets on hand for a restful night’s sleep. If your vehicle has a bed or the ability for an available rooftop tent, you can experience unique sleeping accommodations that wouldn’t be available to you without your Ford vehicle. With available truck bed tents, you have the option to add a mattress or other ways to improve comfort by sleeping on an enclosed, elevated surface. If you’re planning on taking your SUV, we offer a selection of available SUV tents that allow for your vehicle space to act as an extension of your sleeping quarters. This is great for families that could benefit from more space, while still spending time together.


Portable Power Source

Whether you’re looking for an unplugged camping experience or want to keep your devices charged while you’re out, having a portable power source on hand is important for convenience. To be most prepared, campers should never solely rely on a car’s power for their trip in the case of a dead battery. However, suppose you do end up needing to jump-start a dead battery. In that case, we have a variety of battery jump-start packs that provide multiple jump-starts on a single charge and can even work as portable power sources for recharging 12V and USB devices.

Road Shower

Especially when taking long camping trips, it’s important to stay on top of your personal hygiene with accessories that make on-the-go cleanliness possible. Our vast selection of road showers and shower heads bring the luxury of a shower to the outdoors while providing perfect pressure and efficiently using stored water. And if you’re taking a Bronco, Bronco Sport, Expedition or Explorer on your next camping adventure, our Roof Rail Mounted Camping Shower provides privacy that attaches directly to your vehicle just like a traditional awning!

If you’re looking for a separate showering space, the Overland Stand-Alone Shower-Changing Room adds some privacy to your campsite. With stakes to securely anchor, this product provides space for showering, changing clothes, or even a portable bathroom. For showering purposes, it features a solar shower bag holder with a 2-gallon shower bag and two mesh pockets for amenities such as shampoo and soap. It is easy to both setup and pack up with an oversized carrying bag that lets it stay with you on all of your travels.

Portable Fridge/Freezer

Planning meals and securing all necessary groceries is one of the most important aspects of preparing for a camping trip. Luckily, you can keep all of your favorite food cool on the go with our Portable Mini Fridge Freezer! This travel companion features an 18-quart, LED-illuminated compartment, and an electronic thermostat. While not always needed on camping trips, having a portable fridge is an example of a luxury that camping with your vehicle offers. Cold refreshments are the perfect way to treat yourself after a long hike or cool down on a warm summer day!


When spending an extended amount of time at your campsite, it should feel comfortable and accommodating. You also should be able to enjoy your time outdoors, rain or shine. Adding an awning to your car not only gives you shade on a sunny day but provides durability for all-weather relaxation. Our available Yakima Awning mounts easily to the side of your base rack, only takes up six inches of bar space and provides 42 sq. ft. of cover. It is easy to pitch – just pull it out, prop it up and settle in!

Level Up Your Camping Adventure

With these essential products in tow, you will be ready to make the most of your vehicle camping adventures. Since 1903, Ford has continued to be a pivotal leader in the automobile industry while exemplifying care for the vehicles we make. This passion extends into protecting and amplifying our vehicles with a multitude of accessories. Our vast selection of accessories for all of our vehicles is engineered to fit your model and will set you up for any journey ahead. Ready to take the road less traveled? Explore our range of accessories and purchase your favorite camping essentials today!

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