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Winter Car Camping Accessories for Your Ford

March 14, 2023
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To be completely ingrained in the depths of winter is a daunting, yet beautiful adventure. With the help of winter camping accessories, you can make the most of nature’s wonders during this time of year. Although camping is an unforgettable adventure, campers need to prepare for all of winter’s surprises. Fortunately, your vehicle can be a huge support for your winter camping journey. To make the most of your next camping trip, make sure your vehicle is fully equipped with the best winter camping accessories!


First things first, a durable tent is one of the most important winter camping accessories you can own. Your tent acts as your shelter and protection from cold winds and snowfall, so be sure to pack a waterproof or water-resistant base camp for sleeping. Our wide variety of tents is heavily equipped with everything you need for the ultimate mobile base camp - not limited to foam mattresses, sleeping pads, abrasion-resistant flooring, and tie-downs. Even better, Ford offers truck bed, SUV, and rooftop tents so you can sleep in or on your vehicle, rather than on the extra-chilly ground in the winter months. 

Off-Road Recovery Kit

When attempting to drive through snow, it’s not uncommon for your car to get stuck in its tracks. With a lack of traction on ice and snow’s slick surface, your car’s tires can lose traction or grip on the ground. To help prevent getting stuck in frigid weather, don’t forget to pick up an off-road recovery kit to prepare your car for winter. All Ford off-road-recovery kits come with recovery straps, winching gloves, and two WARN Industries D- shackles. If you are camping in a larger vehicle, a heavy-duty recovery kit may be your best bet.


With an all-weather Yakima Awning, you can enjoy the sight of freshly fallen snow without being disrupted by glaring sun rays or sudden showers. Needless to say, this is a must-have camping accessory. Specifically, Ford awnings provide campers with a wide span of coverage and a carry case for easy travel. Better yet, our awnings are a breeze to set up. Just pull out your awning, prop it on your vehicle and insert the poles at your campsite! 

First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit can be a necessity, especially when you’re seeking out a rugged winter adventure. Our Ford First Aid Safety Kit is one of the best winter car camping accessories for taking care of minor cuts and injuries. Not only does this kit come with traditional medical care like assorted bandages and gauze, but it also provides an emergency survival blanket. 

Roof Rack 

If the inside of your vehicle is packed to the brim, extend your packing to the roof of your vehicle. With a roof rack engineered to fit your specific Ford model, you can bring your larger pieces of gear along for the ride. From snowboards and skis to additional tents and gear, a roof rack has the capability and strength to manage those last remaining items. When it comes to camping, you need as much space as you can get – especially if you’re going to be sleeping in your vehicle. 

Cargo Box

Secure your rooftop belongings with a rack-mounted cargo box. Cargo boxes will protect your camping gear from winter weather and give you the ability to pack plenty of extra gear. Most cargo boxes are also able to carry the length of skis and snowboards, meaning you can make a stop at the slopes after your camping adventure. 

Pivot Storage Box

If you’re camping with a truck, you can further protect your gear with a truck bed storage box. Camping in your car requires endless amounts of gear, food, and other necessities, but with a storage box, you can make sure your possessions stay out of sight and secure. When you opt for a storage box designed for your Ford, your gear will be secure between the wheel well and the back of your truck bed, reducing the damage to your possessions from lying loose in the truck bed. 

Cargo Cover

When leaving your vehicle at your campsite, it’s important to conceal your belongings inside your vehicle with a cargo security cover. Security covers attach to the back of your rear seat to block out any sight of belongings. Once you return, you can simply fold and store the cover in your trunk. To preserve the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior, be sure to purchase a security cover designed to complement your Ford model. 

Decked Drawer Systems & Cargo Area

To consolidate your possessions in your truck bed, consider investing in a decked drawer system for your vehicle. Winter car camping often occurs in remote areas and can involve expensive gear that you’ll want to keep secure and out of sight. With a decked drawer system, you can also carry cargo on top of your organized tools below. Access to your tools is no problem either since each drawer can be easily pulled out along the tailgate. 

ARB Ford Performance Portable Air Compressor Kit

Don’t risk getting a flat tire in the depths of the woods. Have a backup plan with an air compressor kit to inflate your tires when they’re running low. For camping purposes, you’ll want to stick with a portable, lightweight air compressor to ease your travels and load. Our ARB High Output Air Compressor is perfect to get you back on the road– equipped with a 19-foot air hose, battery clamps, and an air chuck, all in a light carrying case. 


Other Winter Car Camping Essentials

Before you head off on your winter camping adventure, don’t forget to also pack these safety essentials: 

  • Warm layers (base layer clothing and extra layers, just in case)
  • Insulated sleeping bag
  • Air mattress
  • Sleeping pad/reflective heat mats
  • Camping lanterns
  • Hot water bottles
  • Water boiler/stove (boil water for sterilization, cooking, hot drinks, or warmth)
  • Condensation rags
  • Winter boots
  • Warm wool socks
  • Extra battery-powered charging packs
  • Blankets
  • Winter gloves


Prepping For Every Winter Adventure

In search of more winter car camping accessories? Ford Accessories has an endless variety of available parts and accessories for your vehicle to make your winter adventures as safe and comfortable as possible. Additionally, if you’re prepping to bring your snowboard along for the ride, first check out our list of best snowboard racks for your Ford!

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