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Your Guide To A “Blacked-Out” Vehicle Look

March 31, 2023
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While there are some Ford vehicle owners focused on performance and off-road capabilities, others prioritize cosmetic upgrades that enhance their vehicle’s look. One of the most popular exterior trends in the industry right now is achieving a “blacked-out” look. From wheel swaps to lettering changes and various add-ons, Ford has a wide selection of black accessories that were engineered for your model and allow personalization, so your vehicle reflects you.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to making your vehicle your own. Some owners go the extra mile and tweak several aspects of their Ford vehicle, while others make minor adjustments and changes as they go. No matter how you make your vehicle your own, you can be confident knowing that you already have one of the best rides on the road: your Ford vehicle. We’ve put together a list of blacked-out accessories that can be added to spruce up your vehicle and give it some attitude on the road.

What is “Blacking-Out” Your Vehicle?

This trendy term was coined from the idea of swapping traditionally chrome or shiny bits of exterior parts on your vehicle for a black look. For example, your vehicle might have door handles that match the paint color of your car, chrome or body-colored side mirrors, and most commonly, chrome or silver-colored wheels. All of these, plus more, are all common areas of your vehicle that can be swapped for shiny or matte-finished black versions to achieve a sleek look! Blacked-out accessories and trim pieces look good on any color Ford, adding a subtle hint of personality and detail to your ride.

Blacked-Out Rims

One of the most impactful ways to add an edgy feel to your Ford vehicle is by swapping your wheels for black wheels or wheels with black accents. Today, many vehicles on the road come standard with silver or bright chrome wheels. However, you can make yours stand out by purchasing black rims that are made specifically for your vehicle! Explore all of our wheel accessories to find an option that is compatible with your exact model. 

Be sure to finish the look by swapping your silver lug nuts for black lug nuts and adding black center caps. These small details pack a punch when changing out your rims and give your blacked-out upgrades a cohesive appearance!

Black Roof Rails

If a sporty and rugged look is what you’re after, consider adding black roof rails to your Ford vehicle. Roof rails add practicality, value, and style. Does your vehicle already have roof rails? Some models might come with chrome roof rails, so swapping those out with black rails can complement the look when blacking out your vehicle. If yours already has black roof rails, consider adding black crossbars to complete the look and add to your Ford vehicle’s ruggedness!


Available Ford Accessories shown.

Black Lettering

One of our favorite ways to achieve a blacked-out look is by adding black lettering to your vehicle. The lettering on your Ford vehicle consists of any or all elements on the exterior of your car that brand your vehicle or state the model name. For example, if you have an Explorer, there’s lettering on your front hood that stylishly spells out “Explorer”. Likewise, Broncos have “Bronco” written out on the front grille, and the Ford F-150 famously spells out the model name on the tailgate, giving it a strong presence.

Ford has you covered by offering blacked-out lettering for most Ford vehicle models! Some models, like the Bronco and Bronco Sport, even have lettering elements in various colors, meaning you can black out the rest of your vehicle but highlight the model name in a stand-out accent! Additionally, the signature blue Ford oval badging can also be swapped for a black Ford logo, tying together the whole look and adding a subtle detail that goes a long way.


More to Discover

If you’re feeling inspired to turn heads on the road with a blacked-out vehicle, you can fully personalize your ride with the power and safety of available Ford accessories. And if you’re wanting to go further than what we’ve included on this list, we have several other certified Ford accessories that can add to your vehicle’s appearance and help you achieve any style you’re after. Add your personal touch to your car today with our wide selection of parts and accessories!
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